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Do you have a hybrid or electric vehicle? Here at Stewarts MOT & Repair Centre, we are electric car repair specialists who offer a full range of electric car servicing throughout Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick and the wider Warwickshire area.
Electric car ownership is becoming more widely popular, both privately and commercially. Not only are electric vehicles more environmentally friendly, they also generally require less maintenance and are enjoyable to drive due to being quieter than other vehicles.

Specialist Electric Car Servicing You Can Trust

Our friendly and efficient team will help you with all your electric car queries. Our electric car servicing includes:
Electric cars have fewer moving parts, so typically require less servicing than their fuel and diesel counterparts, though any electric car over three years old still needs an MOT. Owning an electric vehicle doesn’t prevent problems with brakes, suspension, lights, etc. However, the very nature of an electric vehicle is that it does not require an emissions or noise test, as they do not have an internal combustion engine.

Common Problems with Electric Cars

Risk of hacking – Your electric car is a wi-fi enabled device, meaning it can be targeted by cybercriminals who may try to impede your vehicle’s ability to recharge itself. Keeping your vehicle’s security software up to date is a good way to prevent this.

Battery degradation – Just like other batteries, electric car batteries will lose efficiency over time, which is why regular health checks are recommended.

In-car electric faults – Faults with doors and windows that won’t open or issues with temperature sensors should be investigated as soon as possible.

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