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We all appreciate the benefits of a cooling AC system during the hot weather, but did you know your air conditioning system also plays an important role in keeping your car interior free of pollutants, dust and airborne bacteria? Stewarts MOT & Repair Centre offer car air conditioning services to keep your AC functioning at optimum level. Our friendly team of mechanics work on cars and vans of any make and model and will always quote you a fair price.
Many drivers do not realise they have a problem with their air conditioning until the summer months, as it is not a feature that is constantly in use. For this reason, we recommend getting your air conditioning serviced every two years to make sure the cooling and dehumidifying components are working properly, giving you peace of mind the AC will not let you down when you are out on the road.

Professional Re Gas Refilling Service

If you notice your air conditioning is blowing out warm air, it is a sign to get your car regassed. This process involves removing and replacing the refrigerant to restore cooling and will generally include a debug/cleaning service to help ward off any unpleasant odours. Our team offer full regas services throughout Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick and wider Warwickshire to keep your air conditioning in the best condition.

Not sure what the problem is?

For instance, it is worth testing out your AC throughout the year, as not only does it regulate the temperature inside your car, but it can also help you demist your windscreen and windows during the winter months.

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